“Shrug off your cool. Shrug off the city and get with it”: An intimate look at Cody Chestnutt


It’s been a decade since your last album. What have you been doing?

It was really a matter of just living life, you know? I became a father, and had two children, so that’s quite a change in my life, quite a shift. But it was a shift that I was ready to embrace. I really wanted to get to know what fatherhood was all about and get to know my children. I just took my time and waited for the music to come to me in this new environment. I felt myself heading towards a transition after The Headphone Masterpiece was released. I’d had that material for about two and a half years before the rest of the world heard it, so I was ready to write the next record anyway. I felt like my life was beginning to evolve, and I wanted to embrace that growth and allow myself to gain from the new perspective, and it just happened to take ten years! One day at a time.”



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