Entertain Your Own Hearts by Gracie N. Berry

Entertain Your Own Hearts by Gracie N. Berry

So many people blame others for repeated hurt feelings from intimate relationships. For instance, I was dating this person several months back. My gut coaxed me to resist. Then to rebuttal all I stood to protect, they laid on thick loving gestures, delicious sex, stimulating conversations. Even sparked ideas of being in love only to sever the cord. I cursed and blamed them to hell. However, I remembered that I felt those things because my spirit was in need of those things. Those things felt so good for the time and I wanted more. that’s why I was hurt. I wanted to heal the void with a temporary fix if that makes since? And while there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable to intimacy, it is our responsibility to be clear about our needs before diving heart first. I wasn’t clear, so I was hurt. People seem to play when they have something to entertain them. I’m learning to entertain my own love, a journey I’m committed to take. -gnb

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