Jean-Michel Basquiat thee Introduction :)

I want to give credit where credit is due, and thank Terri A. Durden for opening my view to one of thee most humble, inspirational, incredible artists in my life time, Jean Michel Basquiat. I didn’t know who the hell he was lol! She asked me one day as we wrote poems if I ever heard of him. I was like 21, so with uncertainty yet wanting to be right said, nah (shrugging my shoulders lol!). She said well you need to know him because you have it. That raw gift he had. Watch this VHS and let me know what you think. My very premise about art and culture and all that it meant, all that I thought I knew has never been the same after this discover. Like his hash tag ‪#‎samo‬. #Samo is never dead (he lives on my rib cage ‪#‎nexttomyheartstrings‬. Thankful to you lady and thank you! One of my many teachers that I will love forever. Ya know? Rock on ill poet Terri D! One loveImage

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