Come up off that horse

Thinking about all of the famous people I’ve come into close contact with, shared in the kindest of spirit. Some I didn’t even know were famous cause that’s how cool shit was. Thankful to those who remain in my life, authentic, no paparazzi, flashing lights, temporary bull shit. Blessed to still connect with Bobby Seale, Niki Giovanni, and Henry Louis Gaits some of the realist I know. I realize that close contact with strangers has to be selective, yet why even perpetuate a vibe you are not permitted to sustain? ‘The fame’ cheapens the very act of authenticity. Remember, I’m not chasing your dreams, I have my own. I loathe what your material wealth comes with. Longing for the days of Jean Michel Basquiat’s and Andy Warhol’s, Factory drop-ins, no stranger to creative people. No fronting lol! It’s unfortunate that some people’s fame is merely a capitalist act, and is often the great divide between people rich in spirit and goodness like me and the folks I roll with. Hope you come up off that horse. One love Image

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