HIV Is Beyond A Social Disease

25106_494852830283_1410905_nHIV Is Beyond A Social Disease

Gracie Berriberry
November 27, 2012

“HIV is real and living in bodies of lives that don’t know it. My brother carried the disease for over 10-years, and he knew because he got tested. Sadly, my brother lost his life, but not due to HIV. When he told me I cried, I got angry, I wanted to kill the person that “did that” to my brother. My brother said, kill me sis ’cause I consented to this. Sis, I knew he had it, but I loved him and he loved me. I’d searched for love so long, and never found love like this, outside of you sis.” I wept some more, but he was right it was his choice. And what brave souls to honor each other the way they did by being honest. My point in sharing this is that, not every person is fearless or honest like my brother was. And people, myself included get comfortable with the way things are in sex, and love, and tend to “choose to forget” that not every person is deserving of that love or sex. Most all have sexual needs/desires, yet I’d much rather leave behind remnants of myself on plastic prophylactics than be scared by disease, life-long, poisoning my breast milk. It is my belief that the only person likely to kill you is you, plagued to death by your own mind, maimed by your own self inflicted butchery of self, or jumping, sight in tact into liquid-menacing from diseased-genitals, or syringes that never meant anything to begin with. Get Your Test! Choose To Know Where You Stand. Peace” Gracie Berriberry

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