Label’s Are for Shelved Items Only

207200_10150540696270284_5665615_nLabel's Are for Shelved Items Only

Gracie Berriberry
March 27, 2013
Just finished a convo with a friend about bisexuality. And honestly, I feel like labels really fuck shit up! We are so skilled at fastening labels onto anything we can’t understand or to ‘make sense of’. And how the hell can one make sense of an experience that is not their own? And even if your own is a direct reflection where is your right to throw it onto me, even if what we do looks similar. I believe that whomever creates these labels, does great damage, stabilizing their very own discomfort while gagging and binding people like me that wish to live motionless throughout life with the choice to decide what’s best for them. As a queer woman of color I’ve been blessed to share my life and intimacy with transgender, men, women, and have loved across cultures. I was pregnant once and loved the experience. Those relationships that I chose to cultivate were my choice and remains my choice without these debilitating labels being branded on me. Labels are for shelved items only. Liberated and thank you.- Gracie Berriberry

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