Big Picture


March 13, 2010 at 9:37am

just thinkin about the bigger picture, and its actually smaller than i thought…its not vivid like a dance in the street or colorful as rainbows…but its like a pea pod, slowly opening to share whats inside…its slow progression and warmth, no worries, taunts…its almost so small that it smolders over and over until growth happens…i realise today and the many other days that this is fine, this is breath, this is necessary, this is fault, this is movement, this be me, this and that be me…i imagine my birth, tumbling full force toward the dark, mothers birthblood, screams, tears, aches, metal tables, metal horses, stirrups to rest her feet in…no man to help bare the weight, no strength but her own. her love given freely, unexpectedly, her life now intertwined with mine…she couldnt see the big picture cause it was so small about 6 pounds 7 ounces…i think she named her grace or gracie? ~GNB

ps: rapid loe speeds cant help my connections, how quickly i connect, its all relative

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