Coal-tar Black is Beautiful

Remembering a night out in Lancaster at ‪#‎JoeCapps‬. I remember raving about how beautiful this woman’s dark-melaninated skin was. I recall the moment she scowled at me insisting she wasn’t ‪#‎Afrikan‬. She rejected everything I had to say about it. Time was still as we stood in the middle of the bar with drinks in hand. I couldn’t believe it. The self hate was so strong, apparently taught to her and she was so old. I almost cried. Shout out to those! And shout out to Perley Cooper for teaching me about such an awesome phrase that he came up with “Cole-tar Black. ‪#‎MelaninMatters‬ #TheeAmazingGrace Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.33.44 AM

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