“Don’t Save Her. She Don’t Wanna Be Saved”: How the Ho/Queen Dichotomy is Killing the Black Body

“if your ‘pro-black woman’ movement does not include hoodrats & ratchet black women, because ‘theyre not queens/theyre setting black women back’, your movement is bullshit and I want no part of it any movement that segregates my sisters into ‘good and respectable’ and ‘bad and deserves disrespect’ categories is harmful and bullshiterious”
-blackfemalepresident Tumblr

One time for my LA sisters

One time for my LA hoes

Lame niggas can’t tell the difference

One time for a nigga who knows

J Cole’s catchy chant in “No Role Modelz” reminds us that there’s a difference between hoes and sisters. This meme reminds us that there’s a difference between queens and peasants. I am reminded of how commonplace it is to evaluate Black women’s worth based on how we choose to represent ourselves. And that makes me feel some typa way.

The intention of these messages is to promote self-respect in a society that has profited from demeaning us. To celebrate images of Black womanhood that are not predicated upon hyper-sexuality and one-dimensional tropes. But, for me, the intention is lost in a tone that echoes sentiments that were used to dehumanize Black women during slavery and to distinguish them from their white counterparts post-slavery. A Tumblr…

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