We Afrikans Period: Let’s Celebrate Our Legacy All Of The Time

As we approach “black history month” people of color be encouraged to celebrate our Afrikan heritage life long. Love yo black, covet yo Afrikan whatever way you were born into it. Kwame Ture said, “Once you just Afrikan ain’t no question. Once you have proper identity one of your biggest problems is solved.” To our allies remember that ally is a verb, so saying you’re an ally is not enough. You must do the work. It’s not about your intent, it’s about your impact. Shout out to my people of Afrikan descent who are finding their way, embracing what is ours! It’s not weakness to be of Africa-it’s a great honor. And while most of us were born in different parts of the world, know that our root origin comes from the same continent, so rich and complex. Let’s celebrate our legacy. Let’s love each other in the many ways we exist. ❤

-Gracie Berry #thee amazing grace #tag

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