White Privilege is Ugly and So Damn Intrusive

Post radical movements are happening: Caught the train last week to rehearse for a loc showcase I’m involved. There was a white man in his mid to late 40’s talking loudly on his cell phone about a business deal he knew he was going to get. He talked a good 15 minutes with no regard to anyone. The other passengers huffed and puffed, but said nothing. I finally said, it’s your privilege that makes you speak so loudly on this train huh? He said, excuse me? I said, you heard me. Your white privilege. And if I might add you’re obnoxious to assume that we care to hear your conversation. The instant 6 children playing on the tracks stopped the train. The power went out. His privileged ass didn’t respond to my sentiment lol! In fact didn’t speak the rest of the ride. ‪#‎checkyoprivilege‬ ‪#‎whiteprivilegeisugly‬ #trainselfies #odunde2014


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