Selfies Gone Too Far: Kara Walkers Mamie Sphinx Art Installation in Brooklyn

Selfies Gone Too Far: Kara Walkers Mamie Sphinx Art Installation in Brooklyn

To any white person reading this I have such a strong interest in checking folks that are willfully ignorant. I will not blame myself for what is blatant racism enacted against me and other people of color in these photos. I am not concerned with ‘not blaming all white people’ as if people of color have no discernment of such things. In the liberated words of Nayyirah Washed-most white people can’t handle the truth of racism. The pains of having the truth of racism confront them directly, is shattering to the safety of their beliefs, and instead of grappling with this; they give it to us to do for them. And frankly if our comments on the subject fucked you up-it’s yours to deal with, absolutely, unequivocally not our concern. Tyrone and those alike on this post sounding like the unmitigated ignorance of Donald Sterling, know that, yes Kara Walker’s Mamie Sphinx installation is certainly about honoring black female bodies and clarifying the grossly misinterpreted history attached to them. Hell, proximity meant nothing when slave owners raped both female and male bodies to exercise their dominance, brutality and privilege over our bodies. There is nothing ‘funny’ about misguided ‘white hipsters’ and people of color taking insulting selfies in front of a deeply moving and historical artwork. I had a conversation about this with a friend of color that lives and BK before the installation went up, and they share a similar opinions on how the intentions of those in the community, despite the artists intention can be mostly damaged by the community that surrounds it. It makes me sick to see these images. I think that Kara Walker should allow the world to see how these folks treat history in regard to dark flesh by plastering their images all over the walls of the exhibit. Really draw on awareness from this buffoonery. -Gracie

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