Quit my job today :)

Bay area, here I come! I quit my job today! Feels so liberating to remove the rusted, catatonic chains that have held me hostage over the past 6 months. It’s time. My time is right now. Live! And don’t never be afraid to! Sipping on Absolute Mandarin Vodka and Tonic, like Ray Manlove from Hu-MAN UP style lol! In my home. Roomies adorning the space with Hallows eve allure. I’m at peace. Two weeks to go. The creative sees me and knows me well. I’m in good hands. Cheers to you!
Photo on 9-2-14 at 8.16 PM #5

When people question feminism by Gracie Berry

It’s been my experience that whenever a question is posed about feminism the intention is self motivated-it is never truly to understand what feminism is because most times the person posing the question already has their minds made up in opposition. Frankly, feminism does not have to benefit men to be valid. If women are human beings, then fighting for women to be treated fairly and with dignity is enough.